Sandblasting Heavy Equipment.

Paint & Rust Removal heavy equipment and machinery.

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Heavy equipment constitutes a significant investment for businesses. We specialize in sandblasting a wide array of heavy equipment, ranging from bulldozers, backhoe loaders, and dump trucks to graders, tractors, cranes, and farm machinery. Ensuring their maintenance and freedom from rust is vital to extending their operational lifespan and reducing downtime.

The downtime of your heavy equipment translates to lost productivity. Our sandblasting services proficiently eliminate industrial paint and rust from various heavy equipment categories. We’re flexible with our scheduling, prioritizing minimal disruption to your operations.

Should you have specific requirements, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our dedicated service representatives are here to ensure your needs are met with utmost satisfaction.


Sandblasting Heavy Equipment

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Our Customer Reviews

“As a tree removal company, our heavy equipment goes through tough challenges daily. Lodato Blasting stepped up to help us maintain our fleet. Their sandblasting expertise worked wonders on our machinery, rejuvenating them and ensuring they’re up for any task. Their dedication to enhancing our equipment’s performance has made them an invaluable partner in our operations.” – Kevin W.

“In the construction industry, maintaining heavy equipment is essential for smooth operations. Lodato Blasting stepped in and took our equipment to a new level. Their sandblasting prowess removed years of wear and tear, revealing machinery that looked ready to tackle any project. Their professional approach and skillful work have elevated our construction game.” – Lisa G.

“Our junkyard is filled with discarded heavy equipment that has seen better days. Lodato Blasting turned out to be a true lifesaver. With their sandblasting magic, they managed to transform rusted and weathered machines into salvageable treasures. Their expertise and dedication to bringing new life to old equipment are truly commendable.” – Michael P.

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Some of the equipment that we sandblast.

Backhoe Loader


Dump Truck



Farm Equipment


Why Choose Us?

9 Years Experience

Our main sandblaster Joe has been blasting since 2014. 


We are a mobile sandblasting business. Everything we need is in the truck or on the trailer. We come to your location to blast.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured. Have a peace of mind knowing we are covered.

Dustless Blasting

We are able to blast media with water, reducing dust and avoiding any thin metal from warping.

Quality & Care

We make sure you are satisfied with the final result. We take care of your property when sandblasting as if it were our own.


We use recycled crush glass media which contains no silica.

LB icon Simplify the Process of Removing Industrial Coatings

When it’s time to get rid of layers of paint from heavy equipment, sandblasting is the way to go.

Our versatile sandblasting methods are designed to make light work of tough coatings. We ensure a clean environment that won’t disrupt your business operations.

By using eco-friendly recycled crushed glass, our sandblasting approach is both powerful and safe. It effectively removes paint, rust, graffiti, grime, and even stubborn calcium buildup.

Got specific needs? Just let us know! Our team is here to help and make sure you’re satisfied.

Sandblasting Heavy Equipment

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