Graffiti Removal Service.

Graffiti Removal Service.

LB icon Efficient Graffiti Removal through Sandblasting

When graffiti shows up on your property, rely on Lodato Blasting for solutions that work.

Graffiti can make businesses and communities look bad, pushing customers away and lowering property values.

Using our mobile and eco-friendly sandblasting methods, we quickly and safely get rid of graffiti, making your property look great again. Your place will get back its original charm and attractiveness.


Graffiti Removal Service

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Our Customer Reviews

“Keeping our boutique shop’s exterior pristine is crucial for our brand image. When graffiti appeared, I was worried about the impact on our reputation. Lodato Blasting exceeded my expectations with their graffiti removal service. Their eco-friendly sandblasting technique worked wonders, and our boutique now radiates elegance once more. Thank you, Lodato Blasting, for your remarkable work!” – Emily L.

“Managing multiple properties means dealing with unexpected challenges like graffiti. Lodato Blasting proved to be a dependable partner in maintaining the visual appeal of our managed spaces. They swiftly removed graffiti using their sandblasting method, ensuring our properties remain inviting and well-kept. Their professional service and prompt response have made them our go-to for graffiti removal.” – Jason R.

“Dealing with a spilled paint mess in our parking lot was stressful. Lodato Blasting stepped in as a reliable solution for us. Their swift response and effective cleanup using their specialized techniques were impressive. The parking lot looks pristine again, and their professionalism has left a positive mark on our property management experience. Thank you, Lodato Blasting!” – Megan W.

Graffiti Removal Service

LB icon Efficient Graffiti Removal through Sandblasting

Our mobile Dustless Blasting machine is the key to erasing graffiti from a range of surfaces – be it brick, concrete, or wood.

Our preferred method involves sandblasting graffiti using a blend of crushed recycled glass and water. This technique effectively suppresses dust plumes, ensuring safe operations even in various environments without the need for containment.


Why Choose Us?

7 Years Experience

Our main sandblaster Joe has been sandblasting since 2014. 


We are a mobile sandblasting business. Everything we need is in the truck or on the trailer. We come to your location to blast.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured. Have a peace of mind knowing we are covered.

Dustless Blasting

We are able to blast media with water, reducing dust and avoiding any thin metal from warping.

Quality & Care

We make sure you are satisfied with the final result. We take care of your boat when sandblasting as if it were our own.


We use recycled crush glass media which contains no silica.

LB icon Optimal Graffiti Removal Technique

For the most effective and environmentally friendly graffiti removal, turn to Dustless Blasting. Our approach eliminates the need for harmful chemicals.

Businesses and Property Managers rely on our expertise to erase graffiti from brick and concrete walls. We’re committed to maintaining the cleanliness and graffiti-free appearance of your property through our dustless sandblasting solution.

Our Dustless Sandblasting method employs recycled crushed glass and water. This combination is both powerful and safe, capable of eliminating paint, rust, graffiti, grime, and even stubborn calcium buildup. Should you have specific requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here to accommodate your needs.

Graffiti Removal Service

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In just three easy steps, you will be well on your way to a rust or paint free project.

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Take a load off and relax! Depending on the size of your graffiti, sandblasting takes some time. No need to hang around, we will call you once we are finished.

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