Bottom Paint Removal.

Sandblasting boat bottom paint

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At Lodato Blasting, we take the responsibility of caring for your boat to heart, treating it as if it were our very own. Our exceptional service is tailored to cater to a wide variety of boats that stand to benefit from the precision of sandblasting.

With our deep-rooted expertise in surface preparation and sandblasting techniques, we extend our skills to ensuring the meticulous care your boat deserves.

We understand the substantial investment that boats represent, which is why we emphasize the significance of proper maintenance, particularly for the hull.

Our boat bottom paint removal process utilizes the power of eco-friendly recycled crushed glass. This non-toxic medium effectively eliminates bottom paint, anti-fouling coatings, and even stubborn marine growth, leaving your boat’s hull rejuvenated.

Should you have any specific requests or unique preferences, our approachable service representatives are always ready to assist. Feel free to share your needs – our mission is to make your boat maintenance journey not only effective but also exceptional.



Bottom Paint Removal - Lodato Blasting

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Our Customer Reviews

“I was dreading the process of removing bottom paint from my boat, but Lodato Blasting made it a breeze. They treated my boat with such care and attention, and the results were incredible. The old paint was completely gone, and the hull looked like new. Their expertise and professionalism truly shine. I’m beyond satisfied with their service.” – Emily R.

“I had let my boat’s bottom paint accumulate for too long, and it was in dire need of removal. Lodato Blasting came to the rescue! Joe took the time to properly prep and tent the boat, ensuring a clean and contained process. The results were outstanding – a clean hull ready for a fresh coat of paint. I appreciate his commitment to a job well done.” – Alex M.

“I started hand sanding my boat’s bottom paint at a marina, thinking it would be easy. But after hours of frustration and little progress, I was ready to give up. Then, Bill from Lodato Blasting happened to be nearby quoting another boat and saw my struggle. He gave me a quote on the spot and they came to my rescue right away. Their sandblasting service not only saved me time and effort but also delivered amazing results. I wish I had found them sooner.” – John H.

When to remove bottom paint

LB icon Determining the Right Time for Bottom Paint Removal

Assessing whether your boat needs sandblasting is surprisingly simple – just give it a visual once-over.

Look for signs like fading paint, chipping, or areas with uneven paint distribution. If these issues are present, it might be time for sandblasting.

Consider the boat’s age too. More often than not, hulls have accumulated multiple layers of bottom paint over the years.

It’s generally a good idea to opt for sandblasting every few years, particularly if the bottom paint is showing wear and tear.

Continuously layering paint every year can lead to added weight, causing drag and reducing fuel efficiency.

Many of our clients choose to have their boats sandblasted from fall to spring, during their winter maintenance routine, to have them prepped for spring painting. While this is a popular time, rest assured that we can tackle bottom paint removal throughout the year.

Why Choose Us?

9 Years Experience

Our main sandblaster Joe has been sandblasting since 2014. 


We are a mobile sandblasting business. Everything we need is in the truck or on the trailer. We come to your location to blast.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured. Have a peace of mind knowing we are covered.

Dustless Blasting

We are able to blast media with water, reducing dust and avoiding any thin metal from warping.

Quality & Care

We make sure you are satisfied with the final result. We take care of your boat when sandblasting as if it were our own.


We use recycled crush glass media which contains no silica.

LB icon Providing Your Boat the Care it Deserves

At Lodato Blasting, your boat’s sandblasting needs are met with the same dedication we’d give our own.

We put in the effort to ensure the utmost safety and care for your boat. This involves meticulous taping and tenting to contain the media. Our process includes thorough safety measures and a comprehensive cleanup afterward.

Our aim goes beyond meeting expectations – we strive to exceed them. You deserve a more efficient solution for removing bottom paint without the hassle of hours spent sanding, risky chemical applications, or the frustration of ineffective power washing.

Bottom Paint Removal

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