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Paint & Rust Removal on Cars, Trucks, Frames and more.

LB icon Sandblasting Paint and Rust off Cars, Trucks, Frames and other parts.

At Lodato Blasting, we specialize in the art of paint and rust removal through advanced sandblasting techniques. Our commitment to each project is as though it were our very own. Offering unparalleled service, we cater to a wide spectrum of projects that stand to benefit from the precision of sandblasting. As seasoned experts in surface preparation and sandblasting, we extend our proficiency to the careful treatment of vehicles including cars, trucks, frames, and even motorcycles.

Our sandblasting process, employing eco-friendly recycled crushed glass, effectively eliminates paint and rust from your vehicles, be it cars, trucks, antique automobiles, or vintage treasures. The non-toxic nature of this method ensures safety while delivering formidable results. From general paint removal to tackling rust-related issues, our technique ensures the revival of your vehicles’ former glory.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable to your unique requirements. Should you have specific needs or distinct preferences, our service representatives are eager to assist, ensuring that your experience with us is both seamless and satisfying.

Bid farewell to the tedium of hours spent sanding, scraping, and grinding. Sandblasting stands as the superior alternative for stripping away layers of paint, primer, rust, and body filler. Whether your vehicles include classic cars, modern automobiles, buses, trucks, campers, trailers, RVs, or an entire fleet, our sandblasting expertise guarantees a thorough and efficient restoration process. Choose Lodato Blasting for a transformative experience that revitalizes your vehicles and redefines your expectations.

Sandblasting car shell
Truck Frame Sandblasting

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Our Customer Reviews

“I had my muscle car sandblasted by Lodato Blasting, and I’m blown away by the result. They took great care of my car, getting rid of all the old paint and rust. Now it looks incredible and ready for a fresh coat of paint. They really know what they’re doing, and I’m super happy with how my car turned out.” – Mark H.

“Wow, what a difference! I had my old truck sandblasted by Lodato Blasting, and it’s like they turned back time. All that rust and worn-out paint disappeared, revealing the truck’s original charm. These guys did an awesome job, and I’m really glad I chose them for the job.” – Sarah W.

“Needed some serious help with my truck frame, and Lodato Blasting delivered big time. They took away all the gunk and rust, and now my frame looks practically new again. These folks know their stuff, and I’m super satisfied with how everything turned out. They’ve got my vote for any future projects!” – Michael D.

Truck Frame Sandblasted

LB icon Revitalize Your Truck’s Frame with Expert Sandblasting

If you’re in the market for truck frame or bed sandblasting, look no further – we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise extends to blasting entire truck frames, focusing on the rear section beneath the bed (after removal), and treating the bed itself. What’s more, we’re equipped to eliminate any spray-in bed liners without necessitating the removal of the body.

Our process is efficient and seamless, designed to swiftly get your truck back on the road or back to work. Experience the ease of our sandblasting service, dedicated to ensuring your truck’s optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Why Choose Us?

9 Years Experience

Our main sandblaster Joe has been blasting since 2014. 


We are a mobile sandblasting business. Everything we need is in the truck or on the trailer. We come to your location to blast.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured. Have a peace of mind knowing we are covered.

Dustless Blasting

We are able to blast media with water, reducing dust and avoiding any thin metal from warping.

Quality & Care

We make sure you are satisfied with the final result. We take care of your property when sandblasting as if it were our own.


We use recycled crush glass media which contains no silica.

LB icon Car Sandblasting Services

Engaged in restoring a classic, vintage, or antique car? Count on us for assistance.

For the effective removal of paint, primer, rust, and body filler, sandblasting stands as the ultimate solution.

Our mobility brings convenience to your doorstep. No need to pack everything up or bear the cost of transportation.

Employing eco-friendly recycled crushed glass, our sandblasting method is both safe and potent, eradicating paint and rust with finesse. Should you have unique preferences, don’t hesitate to ask – we’re here to accommodate your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

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